Hot Pizza Tainan 窯烤披薩

In the search for the best pizza in Taiwan, I visited a small eatery called Hot Pizza in Tainan (窯烤披薩). I had originally found this place while looking for where to eat in Tainan. It's received quite a bit of positive reviews from locals and foreigners alike and being a pizza lover myself I knew [...]

15 Weeks Pregnant – My Pregnancy Cravings

Since the end of the first trimester I've been getting pregnancy cravings. More specifically, from about 10 weeks pregnant I would have random cravings during the day and night. Living in Ecuador, I for some reason had cravings for things that I could not get access to, making it more appealing. Here's the list of [...]

Vegetarian Chilean food in Chile

On the surface, the food in Chile can be very bland and boring. A lot of the Chilean food you'll eat there includes empanadas, hot dogs, sushi (yes, oddly enough!), chips and burgers. If you travel to Chile for a short trip, you'll see that many of the smaller food stores and restaurants typically serve [...]