Peru honeymoon tour in the Amazon rainforest

Our Peru honeymoon tour ends in the breathtaking and beautiful Amazon rainforest. When we found out that the Amazon river runs through not only Brazil, but through Peru and Ecuador, we were excited to add an Amazon rainforest tour on our honeymoon itinerary. For a long time, visiting the Amazon river was definitely on the [...]

Engagement photos in Chile

When we got engaged, it was one of the biggest moments of our lives. We wanted to celebrate the milestone in our relationship, embrace the love we felt and capture it all by taking engagement photos we could cherish forever. Following our engagement in Sydney Australia, we moved to Santiago Chile in March 2014 for [...]

Our Experience Against the Zika Virus in South America- How Tourists & Expats Can Protect Themselves from Epidemics, Pandemics & Outbreaks

As I write this, the Zika Virus is spreading across the Americas, particularly in Latin America where Fufu and I currently live. For the past few months, we’ve been living in Ecuador, a Spanish-speaking country in South America. If you are currently a tourist, expat or you’re planning to travel abroad soon, be wary about [...]

New years celebrations in Ecuador

The start of our new years celebrations in Ecuador included eating papa fritas (aka chips) and sipping on our vodka cranberry concoction that we brought from home. Every new year's eve, we make the effort to go out and see what the city has to offer. From experiencing new year's eve in Thailand, Australia and [...]