Our early signs of pregnancy during week 1 to 4

Our first few weeks of pregnancy have been eventful in a good way. When we decided to get pregnant, we read a lot about what to expect during the first weeks and of course the early signs of pregnancy. Since we were both very excited about the idea of having a baby, we wanted to start on the right foot being informed.

Little did we realize that the process of making a baby wasn’t as straight forward or easy as we thought. We had to learn about the fertility window, I had to start tracking my period months in advance and learn tips and suggestions that will help us get pregnant. Like many others who’ve watched movies and TV shows where women fall pregnant, we always assumed that having unprotected sex during the month will be the only thing that we would need to do in order to make a baby. This was misleading and very incorrect t say the least.

When we got pregnant, it was on our second month of trying and after the disappointment that we felt from the first month and after reading the statics that there’s only a 25% chance of getting pregnant in any given month, we felt it was best to continue on with our lives as we normally would and keep trying. What we didn’t know at the time was that we were pregnant by January 2016.

4 Early signs of pregnancy we did experience

To be honest, the first two weeks from conception were pretty normal. No cramps, pains, headaches, mood swings or anything that we read could happen.

I felt it was important to share my experience of getting pregnant because although this information is out there already, everyone’s experience of pregnancy is different. We can often feel overwhelmed, confused and disappointed if we don’t have any or all of the early signs of pregnancy that we are ‘suppose’ to have.

Before we go into the signs of pregnancy I did experience, I did want to make a note that these early signs of pregnancy occur mainly from week 4 onwards. Very little occurs in the first two weeks so if you are not feeling anything different, don’t stress or worry. Experiencing morning sickness for example, which typically is thought to occur in the morning and the very early stages of pregnancy, actually happens from week 6 or more. Just be aware of any changes and keep note of them as you go.

With that said, here’s a recount of what I noticed during the early stages of pregnancy. Oh and the details I’m sharing may be TMI for many readers, so you’ve been warned!

1. Sore Breasts

Towards the fourth week of pregnancy, I noticed that my breasts were sore. It was particularly evident when lying on my side at night. My breasts would feel heavy like weights and this feeling was new for me. Commonly this can occur before having your period, but for me, I’ve never noticed this symptom during my period.

Another common early sign that is said to occur is that your nipples get darker in color. To be honest, being Asian meant that this was not something that will occur for me, and it definitely didn’t.

2. Cramps

Typically I would experience cramping during the course of my period and the cramps would not occur every month but varied between months. However, in the month of January, I noticed some cramps before I was expecting my period. It was noticeable but not painful. The cramps were longer in duration and it became difficult to workout in the morning. It was more strange and unusual, which made me notice the cramps as a possible early sign of pregnancy.

3. Bloating and Gassy, gassy, gas!

There were plenty of times where I felt pretty bloated as well as gassy. However, I wasn’t sure whether it was the food that was causing it as I’m a vegetarian and would often eat quinoa, beans, chickpeas and broccoli, or if this was occurring because of the pregnancy. Though I will say that I noticed I was burping a lot more. Usually, this doesn’t really occur but during the month of January I did notice I was burping a lot more.

4. Missing my period

The biggest indication out of all the early pregnancy signs we had read about was missing my period. According to my app that I had been using at the time, I was suppose to get my period on the 24th of January but it never came. We waited a few days because we suspected that the app may be incorrect or that there might be a delay in my period. After 7 days, we decided to take pregnancy test.

Once we did the pregnancy test, this was a definite confirmation that I was in fact pregnant. It stated on the box that it would have more than a 99% accuracy and it was right. By the time we did the pregnancy test and downloaded a pregnancy app to track my pregnancy, I was already 5 weeks pregnant.

In case you missed our previous post on the video live reveal of the pregnancy test results, you can go on our blog or Youtube channel to watch it.

Hopefully this post helps shed light on the early pregnancy signs I experienced and what you may also experience if you and your partner are trying to have a baby. Comment below your pregnancy symptoms and experiences. We would love to hear from you!

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