No Good Pregnancy Books for Dads to be!

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I love to read, especially about things that will help improve my life, but when I wanted to learn more about how to be a great father for my up-and-coming first child, I have had a really hard time finding pregnancy books tailored for guys.

I don’t need or want a pregnancy book for women. I’m not a woman.

I also don’t want a scientific, academic book tailored for researchers. I’m not a researcher.

I’m just a regular guy trying to figure out how to do and be the best I can be, especially for my kid who’s about to come into this world.

I feel lost but there’s no good pregnancy book out there for dads to be

Honestly, I don’t like feeling lost and confused. Usually, when I feel lost and uncertain about something, but I want to learn more about it and improve myself, I go out and read books by others who have succeeded before me. This has actually served me well in the past when it has come to my business to my health and even to my relationships.

Unfortunately, there is such a scarcity of reading materials for guys who want to be a good dad.

Most pregnancy books out there are targeted to women

I actually got a hold of some books, such as “What to Expect When You’re Expecting”. I wanted to read this pregnancy book and any others so that I could learn what I needed to learn, what with my wife pregnant, and wanting to be a supporting husband and father to my child.

At the beginning of the book, it said that the premise of the book was to help mothers and fathers. However, as the book kept going, more and more of the materials were tailored for women. I mean, although it’s useful for me to learn about my wife’s body and her personal challenges as a woman, I guess I wanted a more specific pregnancy book for men that would address the kinds of challenges that I was and am currently facing!

What I would like from a good book for guys wanting to be great dads

I wish there was a great book or range of books out there for dads to be. I don’t want a fluffy book full of “woo-woo” B.S. Although motivation and inspiration certainly would be appreciated, I would also want a book that gives some practical guidelines as well as maybe even case examples of other guys and how they dealt with it.

Apart from practicality, some scientific-based research would be good, especially when talking about nutrition, health and any new findings. However, I would want those tips to be down-to-earth and in language that I could understand.

So, that’s what I would like.

Pregnancy & Parenting: A literary space historically targeted only towards women?

In the absence of those kinds of books and materials for new dads, especially for guys having their first child, I guess I’m stuck reading forums and online articles.

There’s also the option of talking to family and friends, but of course family members have a range of strongly-held myths, beliefs and customs that may not actually be grounded in research and practicality. Other of my guy friends aren’t up to the baby-daddy stage so they would be just as clueless as me, so that’s not an option.

While there aren’t any good pregnancy books for guys who are dads to be, written by good authors, I guess I’m stuck with reading pregnancy books targeted for women… for now. =\

One thought on “No Good Pregnancy Books for Dads to be!

  1. David says:

    You produced some decent points there. I looked on the internet for the problem and discovered that there aren’t many good books for dads!

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