How I felt when my first child was born

My first child was just born yesterday. Only now I have caught up with my sleep, and I had the chance to rest after staying up until my baby was born at 5:37 am.

The whole labor process was tumultuous and intense. There were nerves, confusion and fatigue between both my wife and I.

I held my wife’s hand as she had her painful contractions, and I stood by her while she made her final pushes before Zoe was introduced to the world.

When I first held our baby in my arms, she looked up at me. Her small eyes adjusting to the light and colors. Her little mouth trembling. It was the first time she looked at my face. I wondered if she knew even who or what I was. She probably felt confused and bewildered. Where am I? Who are you? She probably thought to herself.

I looked down at her, with my arms embracing her body. She was so fragile, so new, so fresh. She is so little. And even though she doesn’t know it yet, there’s a big, great world out there for her, and a wonderful life ahead of her.

A feeling of love just flooded my body and I was filled with emotion. When I held her, I just knew: that she is a pure expression of the love between her mom and I.

It hit me suddenly that she is my daughter, and I am her dad. She depends on me and I have to really man up… and I am ready for it – even though I had been feeling so nervous and unsure of myself before, I have to do it and be the best man that I can be… for her. For my family.

I want to love her with all my heart, and I want to take care of her. I want to teach her, guide her, and help her be the best person she can be.

Holding her close to me and realizing these things, made me teary. My eyes watered up, and I smiled at my wife, appreciative for all she had to go through leading up to this point.

Our baby is finally here, and I feel so joyous!

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