Christmas in Taiwan 2016

Merry Christmas guys! This Christmas in Taiwan, we kept it simple celebrating with our little family. We choose to do nothing to grand as we just wanted to spend some good quality time with Zoe and Buckwheat. Being Zoe’s first Christmas, we had originally wanted to travel back to Sydney to celebrate it with family and friends back at home however, we are still waiting on her citizenship to finish up!

So we decided to go to the seafood buffet called Harbor at the Dream Mall, about 10 minutes walk from our apartment. We’ve eaten there once and enjoyed the selection of food it has to offer. For the cost, we were happy with the types of cuisines available and that it was nearby our apartment. With a 3 month old baby, we like to keep outings fairly simple and east going to make sure that everyone can enjoy the experience. Albie reserved to go a week before Christmas to make sure we would have a spot and that it wouldn’t been too packed.

The Harbor seafood buffet in Tainan has a range of cuisines, not just Chinese and Asian but also a lot of Italian and Western choices too. Albie eats seafood so we thought this would be fitting as they have unlimited range of crab, prawns, sashimi, sushi and a range of seafood dishes.

For vegetarians like myself, although this is predominately a seafood buffet, there are plenty of choices for vegetarians too! There’s pizzas, breads, salads, french fries, baked potatoes, marinated vegetables, vegetarian sushi and more. Also there a good range of deserts, ice cream, fresh juices, beer and soda. The cost is about $25AUD per person for a two hour slot. As it was Christmas, they also had a Christmas cake and sweets display that was pretty impressive!

On Christmas eve, we ended up eating at Le ble d’or and sneaked Buckwheat in using his carry bag. He was so well behaved that no one even noticed him. We’ve only been here once but the food was pretty good from memory so we decided to go there again. We had a two pizzas, onion rings, mozzarella sticks and a mango slushie. Being in Taiwan, we enjoy having western food now and then and the Le ble d’or specializes in great European food and lager.

We also wanted to take a family Christmas photo. We were hoping to find a Santa or at least a huge decorated Christmas tree. Though when we went to Dream Mall, we were surprised that such a grand establishment didn’t have their own Christmas tree. I understand Christmas is not really a big celebration in Taiwan, but there were Christmas events for kids happening so we figured that they would have something. A number of stores and restaurants had their own little Christmas tree and Christmas decor around. At the end, we decided to take a photo at our apartment complex, where there were 4 Christmas trees.

Being Zoe’s first Christmas, I thought it would also be cute to take a few snaps of Buckwheat and Zoe with some miniature Christmas hats. These miniature hats are really popular here in Taiwan, with many adults wearing them for work and leisure during December. I guess it is the cuteness of the hats that make it appealing 🙂

After taking over 50 photos to work out the best poses for both Zoe and Buckwheat, we ended up with some great photos and great memories. We ended the night with some left over pizza watching Finding Dory (which by the way is a freaking great movie!) and made a phone call to family back at home in Sydney.

Buckwheat also got a special Christmas meal from the apartment complex, which he was very excited about. The building gave out free food to celebrate Christmas and although it wasn’t vegetarian friendly, we decided to take some home to give to Buckwheat instead. It included fried chicken and seafood noodles.

I hope your Christmas was wonderful. Comment below to share your Christmas celebrations, we would love to know what you got up to!

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