Hot Pizza Tainan 窯烤披薩

In the search for the best pizza in Taiwan, I visited a small eatery called Hot Pizza in Tainan (窯烤披薩). I had originally found this place while looking for where to eat in Tainan. It's received quite a bit of positive reviews from locals and foreigners alike and being a pizza lover myself I knew [...]

Taiwan Lantern Festival 2017 in Yunlin

The Taiwan lantern festival is an annual celebration that occurs in Taiwan to mark a very special time in Taiwanese culture. While living in Taiwan, we have not been able to experience the joy of the lantern festival due to timing; I was pregnant in Ecuador for the 2016 lantern festival, just a few months [...]

Christmas in Taiwan 2016

Merry Christmas guys! This Christmas in Taiwan, we kept it simple celebrating with our little family. We choose to do nothing to grand as we just wanted to spend some good quality time with Zoe and Buckwheat. Being Zoe's first Christmas, we had originally wanted to travel back to Sydney to celebrate it with family [...]

Peru honeymoon tour in the Amazon rainforest

Our Peru honeymoon tour ends in the breathtaking and beautiful Amazon rainforest. When we found out that the Amazon river runs through not only Brazil, but through Peru and Ecuador, we were excited to add an Amazon rainforest tour on our honeymoon itinerary. For a long time, visiting the Amazon river was definitely on the [...]