How I felt when my first child was born

My first child was just born yesterday. Only now I have caught up with my sleep, and I had the chance to rest after staying up until my baby was born at 5:37 am. The whole labor process was tumultuous and intense. There were nerves, confusion and fatigue between both my wife and I. I [...]

Inducing Labor at 38 Weeks Pregnant

I always imagined that going through labor is both a natural process and a beautiful one at that. I don't think inducing labor for my first pregnancy. In fact, I always imagined having that moment when my water breaks naturally and delivering the baby from there. Having an induced labor can be pretty scary, so [...]

Breech Baby at 32 Weeks Pregnant

Yesterday we went to our scheduled doctor's appointment only to find we had a new problem upon doing our ultrasound. There appeared on the screen a breech baby at 32 weeks pregnant. I had heard of this term (breech) before but never really knew what it meant. Basically, when a baby is in breech, their [...]