20 Weeks Pregnant- Gender Reveal Announcement

The big gender reveal is an exciting part of the pregnancy journey and for us, we always knew that we wanted to find out the gender of the baby as soon as possible. Unlike other parents who choose to find out the gender of the baby when they give birth, we wanted to find out during the pregnancy. This would help us better prepare for the arrival of the baby but also allow friends and family to gift the baby with gender specific clothes and items.

Although when I was 17 weeks pregnant we were able to check the baby’s gender, we were advised at the time that it was 90 percent accurate and if we wanted to be sure, we should wait until our 19 week ultrasound in order to find out.

The 19 week morphology scan is a more detailed scan that checks the vital organs and health of the baby. It will also determine more accurately the gender of the baby.

Some time had past and we were finally able to go to the doctor’s in Tainan at 20 weeks pregnant after settling into our apartment. This was our first doctor’s appointment in Taiwan and we were very excited to get confirmation on the gender of the baby.

What we Thought we Having

I originally thought during the first trimester that we might be having a boy. This was from a string of ‘baby myths’ such as having a hairy belly, intense dreams and the shape of my belly. Though many moms to be have found them to be correct, there’s always a 50 percent chance it isn’t.

My husband also thought we were having a baby boy as well. Though he wasn’t as convinced as I was during the first trimester, we did refer the baby as ‘he’ for a few weeks before finding out the gender of the baby.

The Gender Reveal

We are so excited to announce that we are having a girl! YAY! Here’s a photo from our recent ultrasound scan 🙂

We were both happy with a boy or a girl to be honest as it is our first baby. As long as the baby is healthy we couldn’t be happier. We didn’t have a gender reveal party or anything. We just announced our gender’s baby on social media since we were now in Taiwan and no longer surrounded by friends and family.

Exciting times ahead with our baby girl. Share with us how you revealed the gender of your baby, we would love to know.

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