15 Weeks Pregnant – My Pregnancy Cravings

Since the end of the first trimester I’ve been getting pregnancy cravings. More specifically, from about 10 weeks pregnant I would have random cravings during the day and night. Living in Ecuador, I for some reason had cravings for things that I could not get access to, making it more appealing. Here’s the list of cravings I had at 15 weeks pregnant:

– Vegetarian and four chesse pizza

– Hashbrowns

– Vietnamese vegetarian dishes (specifically from Cabramatta in Sydney, Australia)

– Vegetarian spring rolls

– Garlic Bread (The fatty and thick kind you can get from the local supermarket in Australia or like the ones at Pizza hut)

– French fries

– Indian curry and chesse naan bread

– Vegetarian Burrito

– Pad Thai

– American vegetarian burger

– Chocolate with nuts (only small cravings)

– Kettle chips (I think these are my all time favorite chips and you can only get them in Australia! They are kettle chips baked in the specific flavor of chilli and honey ham. The brand is called ‘Kettle Chips’.)

I’m getting hungry just writing this post about food cravings during pregnancy. I know what you are thinking, all of these things are pretty unhealthy. Perhaps it was because I was pretty much eating super healthy for the most part throughout the first trimester that my body (and the baby) wanted something else that was more tasty. I definitely had a theme to my food cravings which ran more on the savory side and not the sweet side. I also noticed that these cravings stemmed from food I would normally enjoy eating or have enjoyed in the past, particularly through our travels. I also didn’t really have any odd or weird requests.

If you speak to my husband, he probably tell you that some of these cravings if not all of them are really just my own personal cravings and had nothing to do with the pregnancy. If I wasn’t pregnant, I probably crave these food every now and then. In fact, I’m pretty sure he questioned me about these and despite me saying that it was a pregnancy craving, he was convinced otherwise.

I like to think that these food cravings during pregnancy are heighten versions what I already crave and love to eat. It’s a combination of getting a bigger appetite and hormones. For example, clearly pizza was on the top of the list and this is of course my all time favorite food in the world. I have to say my husband was a trooper for going out and getting pizza pretty often during that time while I was having morning sickness.

For some reason, my body was grossed out by quinoa, avocado and other healthy foods I would normally enjoy but I was completely happy to eat pizza everyday if I could. Oh the wonders of pregnancy!

I would spend my days thinking and literally dreaming about these food. They would be on my mind for the longest time and would not go away until I had them.

Update: I did finally get to eat all of these foods once we landed in New York and in Sydney during our little migration/holiday period before settling into Taiwan. The photos in the post are literally just a small sample of the foods I was able to indulge during that time. It was very satisfying to say the least.

One thing I do recall is that once I had a certain craving, I would not stop until I had it. And once I had it, I immediately was over the craving and moved on to the next craving. Unlike other pregnant women who have told me that they constantly craved chocolate throughout their pregnancy for example, my cravings seemed to come and go once they were satisfied.

Update December 2016: Now that I’ve given birth to our beautiful baby, I did want to mention that we’ve been noticing her interest in food too. She has be watching us eat lunch and dinner and is very content with looking. She sometimes will also munch or suck on her lip as she would look at our food. I think once she can start eating, she’ll love it! It is definitely a reflection of my pregnancy cravings and my time being pregnant enjoying food.

What food cravings during pregnancy did you have or are experiencing? I’m always curious to find out what other pregnant women craved for too!

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