Weight Loss Motivation: 2 Tips for How to get Motivated to Lose Weight

If you’re like me, you’re trying to find the right weight loss motivation to lose all that extra weight you’ve gained. I’ve become obese over the year, and it has really made me feel frustrated, angry and determined to make a positive change to my health and fitness.

Happily, I’ve lost 4.5kg in less than 2 months since I started hitting the gym, fixing my diet, and monitoring my progress daily.

Taking action starts with the emotional motivation within you, and here I’ve got 2 tips to inspire you to achieve the body you’ve always wanted.

1. Clearly Define Your Reasons For Losing Weight

An important way to lose weight and to sustain weight loss motivation in the long term is to clearly define your reasons why you want to lose weight and why you want to make it part of your lifestyle in the long-run. I’m going to be a dad to my first child within the next few months, and to be honest, I have let y body go over the past few months.

I think perhaps it was the stress and confusion of being a new dad that prompted me to turn to food as a comfort. Also, as the food intake for my wife began to grow in order to feed our baby, I also began to grow my food intake, even though it is totally unnecessary (seeing as I’m not the one bearing the child in my tummy).

What Motivates You to Lose Weight? This is my Motivation to Lose Weight

Essentially, the biggest thing that is motivating me right now to lose weight and build muscle is because I want to have the energy and health to be the best husband and father that I can be.

I want to be able to take care and play with my kids, and not be so tired and fatigued from them. I want to be strong and zestful so I can enjoy life fully with my wife, so we can continue to have fun and go on global adventures together.

2. Know What You Don’t Want: Raise Your Standards & The Pain of Discontent!

Apart from just the positive motivation to lose weight, also consider the negative motivators. That is, think about the things that you want to lose or get away from in your life, or consider the things you no longer want. What makes you angry and frustrated about your body and health? What gets you riled up about your current situation? What will you no longer put up with anymore?

Negative Feelings Can Actually Motivate You To Be Better

This negative feelings can actually be a great spur for you to take action in regards to your health goals. I sure know that they are pushing me. For me, I really hate the pudgy belly that I have. I am frustrated that I let myself get so fat and obese, and I have had enough! If you have these kinds of thoughts and feelings, don’t just ignore them. Acknowledge them in yourself, and recognize that you feel that way. You can’t change your feelings and emotions, but you do have the power to change your behaviour moving forward, and those feelings can actually be a very strong motivator.

Getting Older But Getting Wiser – Getting Fit in Your 30s and Beyond

Turning 30 recently has also been a big slap in the face for me. I looked back on my 20s and I was so happy with so many areas of my life. I achieved so many of my goals and dreams. But when it came to my health, I noticed that I always have had the goal to reach the coveted 6 pack, but alas I still have not reached that goal. In fact, I have never reached that goal. So I want to turn it around, and I consciously and persistently want to reach it. I want to work my way to being bigger, leaner and stronger – more than I have ever been in my life, and I feel like doing it in my 30s is the best time to do it.

If you feel the pain of discontent like I do, then use them to your advantage as you try to achieve your goals. If you don’t feel any pain or strong emotions like anger or frustration, then you will be blasé and nonchalant about your health and your body, meaning that you’ll probably be unmotivated about it too. In that kind of situation, you may have to raise your standards about your health and your body and set some goals for yourself so that you feel a sense of disconnect from the goals you want and your current (and albeit painful) reality.

Getting Motivated to Lose Weight

These are 2 ways for you to get motivated, which have been working for me as I am losing weight myself. With these strategies, I have lost 5 kg (11 pounds) in the last 2 months.

Once you get motivated, be sure to get yourself informed, which means finding resources (such as books and advice from others who have actually achieved what you want to achieve) so that you can actually use your weight loss motivation in an effective and efficient way. Also, make sure to turn your motivation to lose weight into a daily habit so that your healthy eating and exercise routine sticks for life.

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