Top 7 memorable moments in 2015

2015 has been a good year for the both of us filled with memorable moments we can’t help but reminisce about. There were too many good memories to count and too many small but meaningful ones to share. The best of 2015 certainly didn’t come without some low points during the year but we’ve come to realize that these stressful and painful experiences makes us stronger both individually and as a married couple.

We are still really shocked how fast the year just whizzed by in front of us and are super happy with what we accomplished and experienced in 2015. Though it is true what they say, that as you get older time seems to go by faster. It makes us really appreciate the moments we had in 2015 but also reminds us to cherish each and every day moving forward to 2016.

Today, we look back and remember our top 7 memorable moments in the year of 2015. Man, there are some real good moments. It’s hard to believe we did all these things in just one year. It was definitely tough to choose our top 7 with all of the great experiences and moments we’ve had, but here they are!

7. Backstreet boys concert and after party in Chile

Landing at number seven is the Backstreet Boys concert of 2015. This was the ‘In A World Like This’ world tour, which was back for another year due to popular demand! When we discussed our favorite moments of 2015, I immediately listed the amazing and once in a lifetime experience of the Backstreet Boys concert in Chile as well as the after party. Both memories were equally important to making the night a cool and fun experience for the both of us.

Being able to experience the Backstreet boys tour in another country was amazing. For me it was an experience of a lifetime. For all the Backstreet Boys fans out there, young and old, it was truly an honor to be part of the experience. It was such a different atmosphere and experience in Chile compared to Sydney, Australia and one that holds dear to our hearts as being a magical and unique experience.

6. Flying with Buckwheat to Ecuador

We could not help but include our beloved Buckwheat in our top 7 memorable moments. Although there are so many little moments that we have loved throughout the year with this little furry man, like the times he wipes his eyes with his paws, how he sleeps in the middle of the bed and snores or the oatmeal on his beard after breakfast (just to name a few!), we really loved it when we were able to fly with him from Chile to Ecuador in 2015.

Buckwheat has traveled and lived in Taiwan, Australia, Thailand, Chile and Ecuador, but previously has had to travele on his own due to country regulations and airline restrictions. When we decided to move to Ecuador for a few months, we did the research and found how easy and affordable it would be to fly him with us instead.

It was so great to have him on-board the plane with us. We weren’t as worried and concerned as we use to when he flew on his own and it seemed like he wasn’t either. He was such a great little traveler and slept through the whole flight. Occasionally, we would sneak him so treats from the plane. Being vegetarian, Buckwheat snagged up some good grub like chicken and hot dogs! No one even suspected he was on the plane. We even had a baby crying on the plane and didn’t hear a peep from him! It was also pretty cool when we were in transit in Panama and waited for our connecting flight. Buckwheat was able to move around and get out of the carry-on bag.

5. Easter Island

Ticking off the bucket list for us, but especially for Albie was our trip to Easter Island. Seeing those Easter Island heads face to face was a huge deal. We were filled with awe standing in front of so many man-made stone heads. No matter where we went on the island, there were archaeological sites everywhere.

When we looked back on our time in Easter Island, we enjoyed not only witnessing the Easter Island heads, but the sheer freedom of driving around the whole island and exploring mother nature’s best landscapes and views. It was a great way to end our honeymoon.

4. The Amazon Rainforest

Swimming in the Amazon river surrounded by pink and grey dolphins and with only the boat driver and tour guide in sight had to be one of the most memorable moments we’ve had in a long time. We were so fortunate enough to experience the Amazon rainforest in all it’s glory and really on our own.

We were the only guests at the lodge where we stayed at. Not because the lodge was bad but it just so happened that on the day we were leaving a group of 15 tourists were coming and no one else had booked during our stay. For the 4 days we were in the Amazon rainforest, we truly felt connected to the land, animals and nature surrounding us. It was such a peaceful and relaxing moment in our crazy honeymoon experience in South America.

3. Bolivian salt flats

The best of 2015 could not have excluded the Bolivian salt flats tour. Our Bolivian salt flats experience during our honeymoon was one of the best tour we’ve ever done. It was filled with so many picturesque moments that could not be compared to any other place in the world. None of the other trips we have ever done was as beautiful as this. To say this was just a standard tour is really an understatement. You could not take a bad photo at all! Everything looked so beautiful and untouched.

We have fond memories from the time we got food poisoning to the unbelievable views of the lagunas. The landscapes that we saw throughout the 3 days in the Bolivian salt flats was truly one of a kind and really not raved enough about on forums and on other blogs.

2. Machu Picchu & climbing Mount Montana

Being able to see with our own little eyes, in the flesh and being able to smell the fresh air was one of our highlights of the year. Machu Picchu is one of the world’s greatest monuments and the whole experience is truly out of this world! We still can’t believe it that we were there during our honeymoon.

For us, Mount Montana was THE trek of the year. Not only was it a pain in the butt to get to the top, it was also a challenge both mentally and physically for us. We did it together and we survived it together. Standing on top of that mountain was one of the best feelings we’ve had in the year. The view takes your breathe away. You feel on top of the world, stronger than you have ever felt. Covered in bruises and bug bites we reached the top together. The feeling of accomplishing something bigger than you was something that we will take from that day for the rest of our lives.

1. Our destination wedding in Chiang Mai Thailand

No words can really describe the joy and love we felt when we finally got married. We were both nervous, excited, happy and emotional that day. We don’t think there is anything like it, getting married to the one you love. To be in front of friends and family and share handwritten vows to your best friend. To feel on top of the world. It was so surreal and an experience that started 2015 off to the greatest start. And to be able to finally call your partner husband or wife, it was comforting to feel love no matter where we were in the world. It was a great start to 2015 and boy has it been a great year for us.

After spending 8 years together prior to getting married, we knew each other inside out. We knew that having a destination wedding was for us, since we both loved and enjoyed traveling so much. We were particularly blessed to have our friends and family with us on the day. It was a wild and crazy day filled with so much love and of course it had to be on the top of the list of our fondest memories in 2015.

As we wave goodbye to 2015 with all of these great memorable moments, we are so so so excited for what’s to come in 2016. For the past several years, we have been always looking forward to the coming year and really believed that the next year will be our best to come! So the best of 2015 was truly remarkable but 2016, we are coming at you with full force baby!

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