Engagement photos in Chile

When we got engaged, it was one of the biggest moments of our lives. We wanted to celebrate the milestone in our relationship, embrace the love we felt and capture it all by taking engagement photos we could cherish forever. Following our engagement in Sydney Australia, we moved to Santiago Chile in March 2014 for [...]

Vegetarian Chilean food in Chile

On the surface, the food in Chile can be very bland and boring. A lot of the Chilean food you'll eat there includes empanadas, hot dogs, sushi (yes, oddly enough!), chips and burgers. If you travel to Chile for a short trip, you'll see that many of the smaller food stores and restaurants typically serve [...]

Top 7 memorable moments in 2015

2015 has been a good year for the both of us filled with memorable moments we can't help but reminisce about. There were too many good memories to count and too many small but meaningful ones to share. The best of 2015 certainly didn't come without some low points during the year but we've come [...]