The Ferber Method: Our Experience Baby Sleep Training

Baby sleep training wasn’t easy but it was definitely worth it in the end. With the help of the Ferber method, we did what few parents are able to do- have a full night’s rest from 4 months old and continue to have 8 hours of rest forever! Shocking statement isn’t it? I know there […]

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3 Challenges Being a New Dad

There are days being a father when I feel so in love and on top of the world with my new family, where I feel that my family life is just so perfect. And then there are days when I feel annoyed, angry, frustrated or stressed about my wife, my kid and how I’m dealing […]

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Celebrating Our Second Wedding Anniversary + One Decade Together in Taiwan

This month we were lucky enough to celebrate our second year wedding anniversary as well as celebrating 10 years together as an official couple. January always holds a special place in our hearts because the 8th of January has always been our anniversary. We also found out we were pregnant so it’s a pretty big […]

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To My Newborn Baby, Here are 5 Lessons Learned from Your Late Great-Grandparents

Throughout my childhood, I grew up with all 4 of my grandparents alive and well. All of them were alive and well up until my mid to late 20s. I’m so thankful for the time that they were alive. I got to know them as people, spend time with them and be influenced by them. […]

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Top 7 Memorable Moments of 2016

2016 was a big year for the both of us, filled with so many memorable moments. Just thinking about 2016 makes me tear up. Maybe I’m just more emotional but looking back on the best of 2016, it’s been an incredible year with a clear focus on family and travel. It feels like time went […]

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Christmas in Taiwan 2016

Merry Christmas guys! This Christmas in Taiwan, we kept it simple celebrating with our little family. We choose to do nothing to grand as we just wanted to spend some good quality time with Zoe and Buckwheat. Being Zoe’s first Christmas, we had originally wanted to travel back to Sydney to celebrate it with family […]

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How I felt when my first child was born

My first child was just born yesterday. Only now I have caught up with my sleep, and I had the chance to rest after staying up until my baby was born at 5:37 am. The whole labor process was tumultuous and intense. There were nerves, confusion and fatigue between both my wife and I. I […]

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Inducing Labor at 38 Weeks Pregnant

I always imagined that going through labor is both a natural process and a beautiful one at that. I don’t think inducing labor for my first pregnancy. In fact, I always imagined having that moment when my water breaks naturally and delivering the baby from there. Having an induced labor can be pretty scary, so […]

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37 Weeks Pregnant – Lamaze Classes Online

Living in Taiwan and having very little to no Chinese skills, we decided to watch a lamaze class series online in English. At 37 weeks pregnant, we made the decision with our doctor to have an induced labor. As we knew when we were expecting the baby to arrive, we wanted to make sure that […]

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36 Weeks Pregnant – 3 Exercises to Induce Labor That Really Works

Today I went to the doctors for a routine checkup. Now that I am 36 weeks pregnant, the doctor advised me that the baby can come at moment. So it was a good time to start learning exercises to induce labor and prepare myself for the delivery. The realization just hit that our baby girl […]

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